Dallas City Hall Wants Us to Trust It to Borrow, Spend $1 Billion Wisely. Deep Breaths.

First we were going to borrow just (just!) $500 million; then, if need be, up to $800 million; then, finally, slightly more than $1 billion. Because, look, Dallas has needs. Countless crumbling needs. Endless desperate needs, or so I've heard in myriad meetings since January 2016 during which two Dallas City Councils have wrung their hands over how much they wanted to borrow to spruce up this increasingly shabby city.I've heard two city managers in the span of two years tick off this city's bottomless needs inventory totaling more than $9 billion: potholes and parks, long-promised but unbuilt libraries, unsafe police stations, incomplete rec centers, ignored symphony centers, housing for the homeless, pipes for the flood waters, Fair Park, City Hall. And potholes. Alleys, too. Oh, and obsolete traffic signals that stop working in a light sprinkle and sometimes fall down. Also, potholes.   Continue reading...

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