Dallas City Hall Says One of the Nonprofits at the Texas Horse Park Is Trespassing

Dallas is suing a nonprofit called River Ranch Educational Charities, accusing it of "unlawful trespass" at the city-owned horse park near the Great Trinity Forest. And that is a very big deal. It might also be the least surprising sentence I have ever typed.Because some time has passed, allow me to refresh your memory: River Ranch was one of two nonprofits that city officials selected in 2012 to run the Texas Horse Park off Pemberton Road in southeast Dallas. That's the horse park officials once touted as "the convention center of horses" — until a group tasked with raising the $100 million for the venue's construction came up $100 million short. It's the horse park Dallas turned over to nonprofits when every for-profit said nay. River Ranch got the deal, along with the nonprofit Equest, only because the city could find no other takers. A lot of people thought that was a bad idea because River Ranch's founder and president Wayne Kirk had been accused of animal cruelty and failing to pay his bills. City officials who no longer work at City Hall brushed off those allegations as no big deal, or blamed them on Kirk's employees.  Continue reading...

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