Dallas City Council Supports Minor Reforms to Affordable Housing Program After DMN Investigation

An affordable housing program will likely undergo at least some changes after a Dallas Morning News investigation last year.Dallas City Council members began asking questions about the city's land-bank program months ago after The News reported that a felon with questionable funding sources had bought cheap vacant lots from the city and then sold many of them to relatives, including those who already owned homes.During a briefing on the land bank Wednesday, council members expressed support for income verification requirements for homebuyers. Some even said they were confused why the city didn't ask for homebuyers' tax returns in the first place. But other proposed changes to the land bank program were met with more resistance, especially one that would require disclosure of past criminal convictions.The council has backed the international "ban-the-box" movement in the past. For job applicants, that means barring the requirement of disclosures of criminal convictions on initial applications. Council members said they want to take a consistent stance on the land bank program."These are individuals who have started a company and who have started a business, and are trying to, if they do have a criminal record, have a second chance in life to own their own business," said Council member Tiffinni Young, who represents South Dallas.  Continue reading...

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