Dallas City Council Member Kevin Felder Arrested, Charged With ‘accident Involving Injury'

City Council member Kevin Felder surrendered to police Tuesday morning, a day after authorities issued a warrant for his arrest after allegations that he collided with a scooter in South Dallas and drove off earlier this month.Dallas police said Felder was arrested and processed for the charge of accident involving injury, a third-degree felony.Police have said that on Feb. 13, prior to a City Council meeting later that day, Felder’s Ford Fusion collided with someone on a electric scooter in the 2500 block of Malcolm X Boulevard.Authorities said Felder exchanged words with the scooter’s driver and left the scene before police arrived.A first-term Council member, Felder represents District 7, which includes South Dallas and parts of East Dallas. Felder's district office is in the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, about two blocks from the scene of the accident.Later that day during a City Council meeting, Felder took long breaks away from the table to participate in several hushed chats with Police Chief U. Renee Hall, City Manager T.C. Broadnax and Assistant City Manager Jon Fortune. Police had Felder’s car towed during the meeting.A day after the incident, Felder’s attorney, Pete Schulte, said that “there was no collision,” and that Felder had merely confronted someone for “zig-zagging” their scooter on Malcolm X.Felder was among those on the council who voted last summer to legalize the scooters.Schulte did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.After news of the arrest warrant broke on Monday — not long after Felder was in a Public Safety & Criminal Justice Committee meeting — Felder quickly left City Hall shortly after 1 p.m.  Continue reading...

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