Dallas City Council Approves Path for Residents to Mobilize and Save Their Neighborhood's Trees

Dallas neighborhoods can now band together to protect their trees.The Dallas City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved the creation of a special type of zoning district called a Neighborhood Forest Overlay. Homeowners with as few as 10 lots can use the mechanism to create a process for tree removal and mitigation.For example, if a resident clears a tree protected by the overlay, the ordinance asks that a replacement be planted on the lot, or within the boundaries of the overlay, or within five miles. If that can't happen, the resident can pay into the city's reforestation fund."This concept addresses a problem that has been out there for ever," said Far North Dallas council member Sandy Greyson, who championed the effort. While the city revamped and strengthened its tree and landscape ordinance — Article X — in 2018, the protections were still limited. City code excluded single-family and duplex lots smaller than two acres were excluded from tree regulations. Vacant one-acre lots in residential areas were also exempt.  Continue reading...

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