Dallas Board Rules Jim's Car Wash Must Shutter in a Month

Jim's Car Wash, the South Dallas business that city officials and residents have long viewed as a crime magnet, has 30 days to close after a city Board of Adjustment ruling Wednesday.The board voted unanimously to give Dale Davenport, the car wash's owner, until July 19 to shutter the business — a compromise between a city attorney's request to close the place immediately and Davenport's plea for 60 days.While the city won't allow Davenport to operate a car wash on the site, he still owns the property. But Davenport said the city has infringed on his property rights and promised to continue to fight Wednesday's decision. City officials have long blamed Jim's, located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, for crime in the area. Residents say the car wash is a popular hangout for unruly crowds. In June, a shooting there left a woman who worked there dead and four others injured.  Continue reading...

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