Cruz, Cornyn Vote for One Doomed Bill to End Shutdown and Against Another as Stalemate Continues

WASHINGTON -- Texas Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz on Thursday voted for legislation that would re-open the federal government while providing $5.7 billion for President Donald Trump's border wall in exchange for temporary protections for some immigrants.The measure failed.The Republican senators then voted against legislation that would re-open the federal government through Feb. 8 -- without funding Trump's wall -- to allow more time for negotiations to continue over security along the U.S.-Mexico border.The measure failed.A record-setting partial government shutdown slogs on then, with the damage mounting for the 800,000 federal employees -- including more than 35,000 workers in Texas -- who've either been furloughed or forced to clock in without receiving a paycheck.Asked what happens next, Cornyn was succinct."Keep talking," he said.  Continue reading...

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