Cowboy Lassos Giant Alligator Blocking Southeast Texas Highway

An unusual traffic hazard closed down U.S. Highway 59 in southeast Texas early Monday. It was an alligator, and a massive one at that. According to the Houston Chronicle, the gator measured 11 and a half feet long. Authorities caught wind of the reptile when it was clipped by an 18-wheeler just after midnight near Cleveland. They put out a request for wildlife wranglers to remove the animal, and a local cowboy answered the call. When Chance Ward of Tarkington arrived at the scene, the gator was none too happy. "He would rise up and hiss at them anytime someone would get close," Ward told the paper. Ward lassoed the reptile, and it took six men to load the beast into the bed of his truck. According to Ward's Facebook page, the gator — dubbed George — was released into an area lake around noon.  Continue reading...

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