Court Punts Decision on Cost of Ken Paxton Prosecution Back to County Before Making Final Ruling

AUSTIN — A Dallas appeals court has delayed ruling in a lawsuit over the cost of Attorney General Ken Paxton's criminal prosecution.The 5th Court of Appeals on Wednesday said they won't make a decision on whether the three prosecutors' fees are legal until the county votes to pay their last bill, which topped $205,000. The prosecutors' pay has been on hold since January.The court has told the Collin County Commissioners Court to vote on the fees within the next thirty days, after which they'll decide whether their decision was right. County Judge Keith Self, who sits on the commissioners court, called the decision "judicial overreach," and said it's time to go to trial in the Paxton case so the county can "stop the bleeding.""We've entered the theater of the absurd," he told The Dallas Morning News on Friday. "Let's pay the bill. Let's get this case to trial. If an injustice has been done, let the trial sort it out."   Continue reading...

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