Couple Sues Irving ISD Stating School Discriminated Against Their 9-year-old Son

A couple is suing Irving ISD claiming their 9-year-old son has been the target of racial and religious taunts for years at his elementary school. Marie and Iqbal Bhombal filed a federal lawsuit with the United States District Court in North Texas on May 11. The suit cites incidents which the couple claims their son was unfairly targeted at John Haley Elementary School for being half-Indian and a practicing Muslim. "You see this happen to other people, so finally when it happens to you, I mean, then it hits you in the gut," Bhombal told WFAA-TV (Channel 8). "I hope something good comes out of all of this."According to the suit, Bhombal's son was wrongly accused of having a bomb in his lunchbox earlier this year. His son was suspended for a day even though the accusation was unfounded. Additionally, the suit states Bhombal's son had been denied a bathroom break one day because the school claimed an escort was not available to accompany him, which resulted in him sitting in his own feces for four hours. Bhombal said he was also given a criminal trespass warning in March for picking up his son from school and has been banned from the campus. A district spokeswoman told WFAA the district rarely gave out criminal trespass warnings. In a statement to WFAA, Irving ISD said it valued all of its students and families and its educations and administrators "are committed to providing a safe learning environment where all students can learn and achieve their maximum potential." Irving ISD made international headlines in 2015 when Ahmed Mohamed was arrested after a homemade clock he took to MacArthur High School was mistaken by officials for a bomb. Charges against the Mohamed, who later picked up the nickname, "Clock Boy," were never filed.  Continue reading...

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