Could Trump Have Saved the GOP Push to Derail Obamacare?

WASHINGTON - It turns out that failure is an option.Republicans spent the last seven years vowing and scheming to repeal Obamacare. They control Congress and the White House. Yet the effort collapsed in the wee hours on Friday, when three GOP senators stepped in to block a repeal effort.Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who built his Senate career and presidential bid on a crusade to derail the law he called a "train wreck," faced the cameras at 2 a.m. and declared it had been an "unfortunate night."He also called it a defining test for Republicans, given how loudly and often they'd promised to repeal the American Health Care Act."No party can remain in power by lying to the American people, and I hope and pray that our party doesn't try to do that," Cruz said.Blame doesn't lie solely with President Donald Trump, but he deserves a share. His contributions include staff chaos, inattention, lack of message discipline, and inconsistent policy directives.   Continue reading...

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