Corporate America Can Take a Stand Against Sex Trafficking, Just Like QuikTrip and DART

There are more people in sex slavery today than in any point in history. Thankfully, there are also more people and organizations working to end human trafficking.Two are QuikTrip and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit agency, which are among the dozens of unsung local heroes that boldly stand between traffickers and their victims.Human trafficking is a vile criminal enterprise that brings in billions of dollars at the expense of its victims’ health and dignity. Sadly, Texas (and North Texas in particular) area are major epicenters for sex trafficking.And there is no single profile of a trafficker. They can be parents, family members, family friends, boyfriends, employers or smugglers. They can work alone or be part of a vast organized gang or even operate from a house in your neighborhood. The poison they spew destroys lives; all of us need to learn how to spot the signs of sex slavery and show the courage to help those caught in a life of despair.  Continue reading...

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