Cornyn Says Trump Is Recovering From Charlottesville Remarks, But Should Avoid Stepping on Message

This is a developing sorty and will be updated.FORT WORTH--If John Cornyn has his way, President Donald Trump will ease off Twitter, at least until he fully recovers from remarks made after the deadly white supremacists rally in Virginia.Trump was widely criticized for saying that the neo-Nazi and white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., featured bad actors on both sides.The president sought to end the controversy during his speech to the nation last night, when he said there was "no room for bigotry or hate.""I thought his comments were very good," Cornyn said Tuesday after addressing the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. "He was very deliberate and presidential and good. The challenge is now to not the change the subject by a tweet or some other inadvertent communication that steps on that message."Earlier this month a woman was killed protesting against a Charlottesville white supremacists rally when a car plowed into a group of counter-protesters. Two police officers were also killed in a helicopter crash nearby.Trump was criticized for being slow to condemn hate groups and for pointing out at a news conference that there was violence on both sides."By trying to suggesting there was violence on both sides, the president missed an opportunity to talk about the source of this unhealed wound in our country that flared up as a result of incidents like this," said Cornyn, the majority whip and senior senator from Texas."We still don't have the conversation that we need to have about race in our society...We need to have a national conversation about race in our society."Cornyn also praised Trump's remarks on the war in Afghanistan.  Continue reading...

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