Cops Who Used Robot to Kill Dallas Ambush Sniper Won't Face Charges, Grand Jury Rules

The Dallas police officers who helped kill a sniper who ambushed police in 2016 will not face any criminal charges for their work that night, a grand jury has decided.Investigators presented their findings to the Dallas County grand jury on Wednesday. Grand jury proceedings are not usually made public.The Dallas County district attorney's office confirmed the grand jury's decision on Wednesday morning. The decision is an indication that the criminal proceedings against the officers are over, concluding a criminal investigation that lasted nearly 18 months."Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of those who lost their lives that night, the officers who were injured, and all of the men and women who courageously put themselves into harm's way, all in an effort to protect our community," the DA's office said in the statement.Police officials said after the ambush they didn’t have any option other than to use a remote-controlled robot to kill Micah X. Johnson, who holed up at the end of a hallway after fatally shooting four Dallas officers and a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer at a downtown protest.Law enforcement experts have said the Dallas Police Department might have been the first law enforcement agency in the country to use a robot to kill a suspect.  Continue reading...

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