Conspiracy Theorists Arrested Outside Sutherland Springs Church After Claiming Massacre Was Fake

Two conspiracy theorists who say that the massacre that claimed 26 lives at a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs didn't actually happen were arrested outside the church Monday.Robert Mikell Ussery, 54, and Jodie Marie Mann, 56, remained in custody Tuesday at the Wilson County jail. The Wilson County Sheriff's Office has not released any information about the charges against them.Frank Pomeroy, the pastor of the church, said the pair approached the building while he sat in his car nearby, the San Antonio Express-News reported. Mann — known online as "Conspiracy Granny" — started to deface a poster, Pomeroy said, while Ussery walked up to him and began yelling while filming the encounter. A church member called police.Ussery's website lists the Sutherland Springs massacre among dozens of what it claims were "drills using crisis actors that were sold to the public as real," along with the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, the Las Vegas Strip concert shooting, the biker-gang shootout in Waco and a hot-air balloon crash outside Austin. "NO DEAD. NO WOUNDED," the website asserts, falsely.  Continue reading...

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