Conservative Groups Attack Pro-gay Bills as Effort to ‘ban the Bible' in Texas

AUSTIN — Conservative groups are attacking a slate of bills that would expand rights for LGBTQ Texans, claiming they are anti-Christian and would “effectively ban the Bible.”Texas Values, a religious advocacy organization, is leading the effort, flooding social media and the conservative press with allegations that passing these bills would force Christians to violate of their faith. They’ve launched a website and promoted the hashtag #BantheBible.“‘Ban the Bible’ doesn’t have to mean confiscating physical Bibles. LGBT activists aren’t that obvious with their intentions (yet). But it does mean something even worse: stripping Texans of their right to practice biblical teachings in their day to day lives,” Texas Values' communications associate James Wesolek wrote in The Federalist last week. “Just like at the Alamo, Texans must once again stand and fight for our freedoms. We must dare liberals to ‘Come and Take it!’ ”  Continue reading...

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