Conrad High Valedictorian and Salutatorian Praise Its Diversity: ‘We Are From All Over the World'

Eleni T-Giorgs, a Conrad High valedictorian, plans to be an obstetrician. Bae Shae, Conrad's salutatorian, dreams of work as an architect.But their career motivations are far from romantic. They’re rooted in tough childhood beginnings. Eleni was born in Ethiopia, where infant mortality is high. Bae came from a Burmese refugee camp in Thailand, where housing could be washed away by torrential rains. Conrad High lies in the immigrant-rich Vickery Meadow neighborhood of north central Dallas. English is not the first language for nearly two-thirds of students at the red-brick high school. At least three dozen languages are spoken at Conrad.Eleni, 19, came to the U.S. lawfully with her parents as a four-year-old. She gave her valedictory speech in English and Amharic so that her parents would understand her message of “I love you.”“Their struggle made me stronger,” says Eleni.  Continue reading...

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