Come to This Hotel Sales Seminar and You’ll (not) Get Rich Beyond Your Dreams

Hotel sales seminars happen every day in Dallas/Fort Worth and across America. They are lucrative for the organizers. Watchdog Dave Lieber shares the skinny on them.Do you ever get a personalized invitation in the mail inviting you to a get-rich-quick seminar at an area hotel? Do you ever go?I do. My colleague Marina Trahan Martinez and I go so you don't have to. We've been to hotel seminars led by vending machine salespeople, tax lien specialists, travel clubs, real estate flippers, stock option traders and investment advisers. I sit in the back, take detailed notes but never buy.They're almost always the same. Last week, we went to one billed as "A Women's Only Conference! Ladies, this is a special night just for us!"Did they let me in? Of course. For anyone breathing and holding a credit card the entry path is cleared.Here, for you, is the All-Purpose Hotel Sales Seminar. Read this and you'll never have to go.The lure  Continue reading...

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