Clock Changes Not an Option in Texas House’s Push for Picking Year-round Daylight Saving Or Standard Time

AUSTIN -- The ballot language on whether Texas should go year-round to either Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time won tentative approval from the House Wednesday -- but not before a vigorous tussle between two experienced and influential Republicans.If Rep. Lyle Larson’s proposed referendum on time wins a final House nod and then the Senate’s blessing, state voters on Nov. 5 would face this question on the ballot:“Which of the following do you prefer? Observing standard time year-round. Observing daylight saving time year-round.”On Wednesday, veteran GOP Rep. John Smithee of Amarillo tried to amend Larson’s enabling bill that would spell out the fine points of how the referendum would be conducted.Under Smithee’s proposal, voters would be given a third option -- as he said, “Leave things as they are, where we switch.”  Continue reading...

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