Clearing the Air: Mechanical Issue, Not Fart, Caused Odor on Flight, American Airlines Says

A story about passed gas on an American Airlines flight took off faster than an Airbus A319, catching wind among local and international news outlets Monday.But a spokeswoman for the Fort Worth-based airline said the reports claiming a flight was evacuated because of fart-related odors are false. A TV station report Sunday night blamed it on a flatulent passenger.Flight 1927 took off Sunday afternoon from Charlotte, N.C., and landed at its scheduled destination of Raleigh-Durham International Airport at 2:21 p.m. Passengers were deplaned regularly, and an odor was reported by the crew after passengers had deplaned, American Airlines spokeswoman Lakesha Brown said."The aircraft experienced an actual mechanical issue that created a cabin odor," Brown said Monday morning. "No passenger passed gas."The aircraft was back in service as of this morning.The call for medical assistance came from a crew member after the plane was deplaned normally, said Andrew Sawyer, a spokesman for Raleigh-Durham International Airport."There was a complaint about being affected by an odor," Sawyer said. "EMS did respond and check them out. Nobody was transported."The call was for more than one crew member, Sawyer said, but he did not have a specific number of crew members affected. He could not discuss details of the medical assistance provided.Twitter: @tmcook23  Continue reading...

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