CHIP Is Crucial for Many Texas Families

During my time in Congress, I have learned that language used in political discussions often becomes riddled with cumbersome numbers. In some cases, the numbers thrown around in a spirited debate can lose their meaning. Some statistics, however, hit particularly close to home. One of them is 400,000 - the 400,000 Texas children counting on the Children's Health Insurance Program.CHIP impacts every neighborhood in North Texas and around the country. In Dallas County alone, more than 50,000 children are enrolled in CHIP. Denton County has 8,000 children who rely on this vital program. In Tarrant County, that number is 32,000.Each child enrolled in CHIP - totaling more than 9 million across the country - depends on this program for his or her essential medical needs, including check-ups, immunizations and emergency care. The numbers are personal.  Continue reading...

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