Channeling His Inner Fred Astaire: 6 Times George W. Bush Broke Out the Dance Moves

WASHINGTON — George W. Bush has talked about finding his "inner Rembrandt." Maybe he has an inner Fred Astaire, too.The former president — who's taken up painting since leaving the White House — has once again created a media stir over his dancing skills, thanks to a video going viral this week of him boogieing at his nephew's wedding in Colorado.The short clip, which says Bush "tears up the dance floor," shows the 71-year-old grooving to Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)."But it's not the first time that the Dallas resident has busted out some dance moves. Here are five other times Bush has cut a rug, with some performances earning more fame than others. (Actual dancing was the threshold here. Not just swaying.)  Continue reading...

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