Carrollton Church Erases Medical Debt of More Than 4,000 Area Families

On Easter, one Carrollton church changed the fortunes of thousands of local families with a single donation. Stephen Hayes, the pastor of Covenant Church, told his congregation Sunday that the church donated $100,000 to the organization RIP Medical Debt, an organization that works to buy and erase Americans' medical debt, KXAS-TV (NBC 5) reported. RIP Medical Debt is able to knock out millions of dollars of debt by buying it at a reduced cost. That means that the $100,000 Covenant committed erased $10 million of debt for 4,229 families in the Dallas area. Some of the money will benefit veterans weighed down by the burdens of medical debt. Hayes said he was inspired by Jesus' words as he was dying on the cross."Jesus in that moment was saying, 'Guess what? All the debt to sin that has been committed and all that ever could be, it is finished. The debt to sin has been paid,'" Hayes said during his sermon.  Continue reading...

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