Can't Watch Rangers Games? Dish Network and Sling Customers No Longer Have Access to Fox Sports Networks

Dish Network and Sling customers across the country haven't had access to regional Fox Sports programming since Friday when Dish and Fox failed to negotiate a deal to carry the channels.Fox Sports Southwest, Fox Sports Oklahoma and Fox Sports New Orleans were all blacked out for Dish and Sling customers shortly before noon Friday.Fox Sports – which carries Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars games – said in a statement on its website that "DISH and Sling refused to engage in any substantive discussions to reach a new agreement."The sports network said it offered prices in negotiations that "are in line with what others have agreed (and continue to agree) to." The network is also encouraging Dish Network and Sling customers to switch providers.Fox Sports viewers have voiced their frustration with the blackouts on social media, including asking whether they will see the dropped programming reflected in their bills.  Continue reading...

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