Can Donald Trump Ease Gridlock? President Ready to Cut Deals

Can President Donald Trump ease the gridlock in Washington?It's possible.Trump is the most unconventional president in modern history. His antics and controversies frustrate members of his own party, including his response to last month's deadly white supremacist rally in Virginia, his addiction to Twitter and the brewing investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 elections that is focusing on Trump and his inner circle.Most Democrats have vowed to resist Trump because of his policies, including the Justice Department's assault on Obama-era criminal justice reforms, his repeal of the former president's executive orders protecting the immigrant children brought to the country illegally and his vow to repeal the Affordable Care Act.There's a lot not to like.Trump will continue to frustrate both parties. He doesn't owe anybody but the American people who carried his populist campaign to the White House. The New York businessman and former reality television star has always been motivated by his own self-interest, not any principles or ideology exclusive to one political party.  Continue reading...

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