Can Carolyn King Arnold Spoil Dwaine Caraway's ‘return' to Dallas City Hall?

As former City Council member Dwaine Caraway drives through his east Oak Cliff district and looks at all the obvious code violations and the garbage strewn about and the drug dealers and prostitutes loitering, he believes one person has the know-how and vision to clean things up and turn it around: future City Council member Dwaine Caraway.Two years ago, when Caraway had to leave City Hall because of consecutive-term limits, he had someone else in mind for the job: Glen Oaks Homeowners Association President Carolyn King Arnold.With Caraway's support, Arnold won handily. Now Caraway says that endorsement was a mistake."And it is my mistake to correct," he said.Caraway's attempt to return to the council after two years away is the latest saga in his decades-long romp, including a short stint as acting mayor, through the Dallas political scene. His decision to run again has left the scrappy incumbent in the unusual position of trying to fend off a well-known, better-funded challenger for re-election.Arnold says she feels great about the campaign. She casts herself as a fighter for "the people" and their basic needs, contrasting herself with Caraway, a man who evokes big, bold ideas and, for some, bad memories.  Continue reading...

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