Bumble Founder Wants Texas Lawmakers to Make Unwanted Sexting a Crime

Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Austin-based Bumble, urged a panel of lawmakers Monday to support a measure that would criminalize the sending of unsolicited nude or sexual photos.Executives of Bumble, which launched as a female-focused dating app in 2014, worked with Rep. Morgan Meyer, R-Dallas, to file House Bill 2789 earlier this month. The effort marked the company's first time lobbying for legislation at the statewide level, a Bumble spokeswoman said."If indecent exposure is a crime on the streets, then why is it not on your phone or computer?" Wolfe Herd asked lawmakers on the House Criminal Jurisprudence committee. "We have to call on you because as tech companies, we can only do so much. Please help us fill the gaps where we fall short."The measure would make it a Class C misdemeanor -- punishable by a fine up to $500 -- to send a lewd photo without the consent of the recipient. The bill includes content sent via text message, social media or online dating applications.  Continue reading...

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