Bullet Grazes Child's Neck Outside South Austin Torchy's Tacos

A bullet grazed a 9-year-old boy's neck Saturday afternoon outside an Austin Torchy's Tacos, officials said. Police were called about 12 p.m. to the restaurant in the 4300 block of West William Cannon Drive. The child was transported to an area hospital with minor injuries, according to the Austin American-Statesman."I hear this whistling and I think someone's just whistling, and then I get hit in the neck," the boy, Miles Kennedy, told KVUE-TV. "It feels like something just slapped me in the neck. But then it stings, so I think it's a bee sting."Miles' father, Vance Kennedy, said it's not something you'd expect but that it has raised his awareness. "You wouldn't think that you'd be walking through a public area and bullets are flying through," he told the station. "... It raises my awareness that I feel I need to keep him as close as possible to me."Police said the incident appeared to be isolated and did not release details on whether they were searching for a suspect.  Continue reading...

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