Brett Shipp's Chances, Mom-to-be Killed, More on Moore: Your Wednesday Evening Roundup

Good evening. It's been a very newsy day, so settle back, strap in and catch up on what you may have missed. Do you want to get this roundup via email? Sign up for our newsletters here.Can Brett Shipp unseat Pete Sessions? First he needs to prove he knows the issuesFormer television reporter Brett Shipp has reshaped the Democratic Primary in Congressional District 32 with an unorthodox campaign and strong name recognition that make him a serious contender, perhaps an instant front-runner.But if Shipp indeed wants to win the primary, and then upend Republican incumbent Pete Sessions, he'll have to back up the natural curiosity and increasing interest in his candidacy with an effective campaign — complete with fundraising, organization and a message that resonates with primary and general-election voters.Can he prove himself a credible candidate with staying power?'Team player' Ted: The GOP's tax push gives the latest proof of Cruz’s softer style.The Anchorman returns: Mike Snyder hopes voters remember his TV persona — not the fake ones he created as a consultant.  Continue reading...

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