Boy Rescued From Texas Meth House Told Investigators Rats, Roaches Were His ‘friends' While Locked in Closet

A Houston-area boy who was allegedly forced to live in the closet of a meth house told investigators that his friends were the rats and roaches visited him in there, KTRK-TV reported.The 4-year-old was found living in squalor in December when deputies with the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office executed a search warrant at the home in the West Memorial neighborhood near Katy where they received a tip about someone making and selling methamphetamine.Deputies searched the home, which they said smelled "horrible," and found "a substantial amount" of meth and marijuana inside as well as rat feces, a large dog and kitten. There was also drug and sex paraphernalia a few feet from the closet where the boy reportedly slept, Jeff McShan with the constable's office said in a Facebook video.According to court testimony, the boy told investigators he had been locked in the closet and was "not allowed out of it for hours at a time," KTRK reported. He also said his "friends" were the rats and the roaches that would visit him.  Continue reading...

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