Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg Says Last Few Weeks ‘most Heart-wrenching' of Career

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg opened up about his experience running a company at the center of one of the biggest corporate crises in history Thursday while speaking at the second Bush Institute Leadership Forum in Dallas."Frankly, these last few weeks have been the most heart-wrenching of my career," Muilenburg told the audience at the Bush Institute."We continue to mourn those who were on board and extend our deepest sympathies to their loved ones. All of us feel the immense gravity of these events across our company," the CEO said while discussing Boeing's dedication to safety and integrity.In the weeks since the Ethiopian Airlines accident the CEO said he's spent even more time with his teams emphasizing the importance that concerns be heard and questions answered throughout the company.While Muilenburg said he was focused on supporting the ongoing investigation as well as getting the 737 Max back into operation, he did not specify a timeline for when the planes might return to service.Muilenberg referred to the company's software updates to the planes which are intended to fix angle of attack problems cited in the ongoing investigation as "one link in a longer chain of events." He added that Boeing has made 96 flights totaling over 159 hours of airtime with the updated software.The CEO also addressed the company's regret over the impact the grounding of the 737 Max jets have had on its customers and travelers.  Continue reading...

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