Blake Farenthold Tells Gov. Greg Abbott He Will Not Pay for Special Election to Replace Him

This is a developing story.AUSTIN — Former U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold heard Gov. Greg Abbott's request to help cover the cost of the special election to fill his seat. But he's not going to pay.Farenthold wrote a "sharply worded" four-page letter to Abbott that said there was no need for him to call the special election, the Houston Chronicle reported Wednesday."Since I didn't call it and I don't think it's necessary, I shouldn't be asked to pay for it," the letter with Farenthold's signature states.The Corpus Christi Republican resigned April 6, a few months after dropping re-election plans amid revelations that he used $84,000 in taxpayer money to pay a woman who accused him of sexual harassment in 2014. He promised to repay the money to the federal government but has not done so. Abbott called for a special election to fill Farenthold's seat and asked him in April to reimburse the counties holding the election in his former district. According to Victoria County elections administrator Vicky Vogel, the election will cost her county at least $20,000 — double that if there is a runoff. If the district's 13 counties each spent $20,000, that would put the total cost of the election well over $200,000.  Continue reading...

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