Black Activist Who Celebrated Murders of Police on Social Media Says Feds Targeted Him for His Political Views

A Dallas man who was arrested after writing social media posts applauding the killings of police officers, including those who were gunned down in downtown Dallas, says he was the victim of FBI harassment over his political views.Christopher Maurice Daniels, 34, was released from federal custody earlier this month after a judge dismissed an indictment against him for an alleged firearms offense. He and his supporters say the arrest is part of a larger effort by the FBI to target and harass black political activists.Daniels, who also uses the names Rakem Khafre and Rakem Balogun, came to the FBI’s attention due to social media posts he made that were critical of police. Agents said they saw him marching with weapons during protests on Facebook and YouTube. They searched his apartment on Dec. 12 after conducting surveillance on him and found a loaded handgun and an “AK-style assault rifle.”He was arrested the same day and charged with illegally possessing firearms due to his 2007 misdemeanor domestic assault conviction in Tennessee.“Daniels was interviewed by a WFAA news reporter during one such march in which Daniels was carrying a rifle,” an FBI complaint said. “Daniels has continued to post videos to his personal, open Facebook profile in which he openly advocates violence towards law enforcement.”  Continue reading...

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