Betting on Beto O'Rourke to Win Versus Ted Cruz? Make Sure You Get Odds

Whether it's at the bar, card room, market or café, the most frequent political question is about Texas' favorite underdog."Can Beto win?"It's a fair question, even if the facts aren't all that intriguing.In his Senate race against incumbent Republican Ted Cruz, U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke is shouldering the hopes of progressives and Democrats across Texas. In a year the El Paso Democrat has become the top draw in Lone Star politics, packing community centers and auditoriums everywhere, particularly parts of the state that are bright red.His crusade is backed by stout fundraising. For the first quarter of this year, he raised $6.7 million without the aid of political action committee money. Cruz says that total will be more that what he reports later this month.O'Rourke is the hottest thing in Texas politics since Wendy Davis, the former state senator who ran for governor in 2014 after a filibuster that stalled an anti-abortion bill made her famous.Though Republican Greg Abbott overwhelmed Davis by 20 percentage points, Democrats have greater hopes for O'Rourke.Can he do it?  Continue reading...

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