Beto O'Rourke Slams Joe Biden: U.S. Can Do ‘far Better' Than the Former Vice President

WASHINGTON -- Like the rest of the Democratic field, Texan Beto O'Rourke has struggled the escape the long shadow of former Vice President Joe Biden. On Thursday, he hit Biden as a return to the past, and the wrong choice for moving the country forward in the age of Trump."I'm not exactly sure what he believes or what he should apologize for," he said on MSNBC's Morning Joe, after listing a number of Biden position that have shifted lately. "I only know that this country should be able to do far better. We should be bold and unapologetic about what we want to pursue."O'Rourke's remarks represented two notable shifts in his approach as he tries to regain footing and claw his way back from low single digits in polling.Until recently, O'Rourke had shunned national TV appearances in favor of retail politicking and a flurry of town hall events with voters. He also refrained from trash talking any fellow Democrats, even as he escalated his attacks on President Donald Trump.  Continue reading...

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