Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Should Do Themselves and the Democrats a Favor and Drop Out

The 2020 Democratic presidential field has been filling up with a historically diverse array of candidates, including five women, four racial minorities, a little-known white congressman and a gay mayor. Several have shown strong candidate skills.Two prominent white males, former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, are edging toward active candidacies.The potential candidate who has been leading most Democratic polls, former Vice President Joe Biden, has held back, and so until Tuesday, did the candidate running second, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Given their superior name recognition, they presumably don't need as much run-up time since they'll find it easier to raise funds and set up a campaign than neophyte hopefuls.But let's face reality: despite their current standing, both Biden and Sanders face significant barriers in winning the nomination, let alone the presidency. It might have been better for them -- and their party -- if they bypassed the 2020 race. That goes for former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, too.It starts with the fact that Biden and Sanders, along with Bloomberg, would be close to 80 if elected. Given a choice, Americans tend to opt for younger candidates; in five of the six presidential elections before 2016, the younger candidate won.  Continue reading...

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