Ben Carson Makes Housing Pitch in Dallas

Okay, he's not exactly Nolan Ryan. Far from it.Still, Housing Secretary Ben Carson managed to get a pitch near home plate to the delight of two youth baseball teams that greeted him in West Dallas."That's for Detroit," a man exhorted as Carson finished his delivery.But housing officials in Dallas were interested in more than Carson's prowess on the mound. They wanted to know what kind of housing secretary he would be--one in favor of draconian cuts, or a leader with innovative ideas.""We were looking for a conservative, budget cutting, hammer down kind of administration coming in," said Dallas businessman Albert Black, chairman of the Dallas Housing Authority board. "What we really heard from Dr. Carson was something that we felt a new secretary, with the energy that he's bringing to the job, should bring out."Black said Carson promised to upgrade information technology systems, easing regulations in order to better optimize property values and overhauling rent strategies.""What we need is new policies that will encourage people to go from public housing to the private sector, to get off of dependency." Black said. "At the same time, we want to bring a whole new degree of humanity to this matter."  Continue reading...

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