Baylor Tries to Boost Transparency After Sexual Assault Scandal

WACO -- The board that runs Baylor University rejected a proposal to dismantle its current structure to give more power to alumni Friday, but instead opted for a series of subtle tweaks designed to make Baylor's leadership "one of the most responsive and transparent of any major private university." The overhaul will give voting rights to student, faculty and athletics representatives, but will not increase the representation for alumni, as a group of powerful donors and Baylor graduates had demanded. To bring in fresh perspectives, the board will also be required to broaden its search for new members by consulting non-regents. "The vote was overwhelmingly positive and affirmative," board chair Ron Murff said afterward. The reform comes as part of a broader effort to salvage the university's image and repair relations with the Baylor nation as the fallout from the school's sexual assault scandal continues to drag on.   Continue reading...

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