Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy Debated in Texas Legislature, Though No Vote Taken

AUSTIN — Texas lawmakers debated whether to ban gay conversion therapy for minors on Wednesday, the first time state politicians have formally addressed the controversial practice meant to lessen or rid kids of homosexual feelings.Rep. Celia Israel's voice quavered as she spoke on her bill late Wednesday night. Just the third openly gay member of the Texas Legislature, Israel asked her colleagues on the House Committee on Public Health to stand for "the health and safety of LGBTQ children" and back her legislation."I ask you, on behalf of 9-year-old Celia. All I wanted to do was perfect my turnaround jump shot," said Israel, D-Austin. "I also ask you on behalf of 17-year-old Celia, who nearly ended her life. ... I thank God I was not the subject of this type of conversion therapy. Then again, I did not have the courage, as a minor, to speak the words, 'I'm a lesbian.'"  Continue reading...

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