Austin Woman's Spinal Surgery Brings Back-breaking $94,000 Bill a Year Later

Spinal surgery made it possible for Liv Cannon to plant her first vegetable garden behind her house in Austin."It's a lot of bending over and lifting the wheelbarrow and putting stakes in the ground," the 26-year-old said as she surveyed tomatillos, cherry tomatoes and eggplant growing in raised beds. "And none of that I could ever do before."For as long as she could remember, Cannon's activities were limited by chronic pain and muscle weakness."There was a lot of pain in my legs, which I can now recognize as nerve pain," she said. "There was a lot of pain in my back, which I thought was, you know, just something everybody lived with."Cannon saw many doctors over the years. But they couldn't explain what was going on. She'd pretty much given up on finding an answer for her pain until her fiancé, Cole Chiumento, pushed her to try one more time."It never improved, it never got better," Chiumento said. "That just didn't sound right to me."  Continue reading...

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