Austin Man Faces Animal-cruelty Charge After Passer-by Punched Him to Try to Save His Dog

An Austin man faces charges after his dog had to be euthanized earlier this year despite a good Samaritan's efforts to rescue it from him.A passer-by saw Eric Anthony Campbell, 41, dragging his 9-year-old terrier, Roscoe, on hot pavement on Aug. 8, according to an arrest-warrant affidavit obtained by the Austin American-Statesman."The dog was not responsive and was not trying to get up," according to the affidavit.The man yelled at Campbell to pick up the dog and then, seeing a stick or pole in Campbell's hand and fearing for his safety, punched him.Police said the man put Roscoe in his truck and drove to Austin Animal Center. The dog was comatose and his temperature was 107 degrees.Veterinarians at an animal hospital later determined that euthanizing Roscoe was the most humane option.Campbell called 911 that day and reported that a man had attacked him and taken Roscoe, KEYE-TV reported. He said he hadn't dragged the dog, and he became upset when police told him the dog had been euthanized because of heat stroke."Campbell would not accept that and came to the irrational conclusion that [the passer-by] had stolen his dog in order to kill it," the affidavit says.Campbell has been charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal.  Continue reading...

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