AT&T's New Downtown Dallas Campus Will Have a Place for Its Historic Statue

The first thing I asked when I walked into AT&T's downtown Dallas headquarters this week was "Where's Golden Boy?"The giant gilded statue — usually hard to miss — is gone.For almost a decade, the 24-foot-tall figure called the Spirit of Communications has been the first thing you'd see when entering AT&T's Commerce Street building.Clutching a fist full of lighting bolts and wrapped in telephone cables, the representation of the deity of telephony is more than a century old and was first perched on top of AT&T's headquarters on Broadway in Manhattan. It was once the second-largest statue in New York after the Statue of Liberty.Originally it was called the Genius of Telegraphy — a name was discarded with the evolution of communications.Over the decades, Golden Boy, as he's fondly known, has been polished and primped to his opulent glory and has followed AT&T as its head offices moved from place to place.But you won't see him now."He's in temporary storage," said AT&T's Michelle Brockwell. "He is going to have a prominent place in our downtown headquarters."  Continue reading...

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