Attorney General Ken Paxton to Appear in Court Ahead of Fraud Trial

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will appear in court Thursday for a hearing ahead of his criminal securities fraud trial later this summer.Three special prosecutors who have spent nearly two years investigating and building a case against the first-term Republican attorney general will ask the presiding judge to move the trial out of Collin County, arguing they cannot guarantee a fair trial there, where Paxton has lived, worked and attended church for decades.The prosecutors have accused Paxton and his supporters of waging a 22-month "crusade" against them and their two key witnesses. Paxton faces three fraud charges for allegedly duping investors in a technology startup investment scheme and failing to properly register with the state while funneling clients to a friend's investment firm.Paxton has pleaded guilty to all the charges, and said the case against him is a political witch hunt by opponents within his own party. If the judge decided to move the trial, Paxton trial will likely be delayed past its May 1 start date.  Continue reading...

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