Attorney Files Motion to Keep Representing Enrique Arochi on Appeal Despite Judge's Ruling

An Allen man's appeal in the highly publicized kidnapping case of Christina Morris is on hold after a dispute about who will represent him. Enrique Arochi, 26, wants his trial attorney, Steven Miears, on his side as he tries to overturn his conviction and life sentence in prison. But the trial judge appointed a different attorney to handle Arochi's appeal because Miears is not eligible for appointment to Collin County indigent cases. In an exclusive interview from prison last month, Arochi accused state District Judge Mark Rusch of going behind his back to fire his attorney. "That just shows you that he's out to get me," Arochi said of the judge. "He's being political. He wants to look good in front of the public, but he's ruining someone's life over that." Rusch declined to comment Wednesday.Booted off caseArochi couldn't afford an attorney after he was arrested in December 2014 in connection with the kidnapping of Morris. So Miears and Keith Gore were appointed as co-counsel at taxpayers' expense. Seven months later, Miears was notified that he was being removed from the list of appointees because his primary office was not in Collin County as local rules require. Miears, who has offices in Grapevine and Bonham, said he hadn't had an office in Collin County for several years. The letter from the county's Office of Indigent Defense stated that Miears would remain the attorney of record on any previously assigned cases.   Continue reading...

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