AT&T Wins Ethics Award — and Three Hours Later the Company Gets Tied to Michael Cohen’s Money Mess

AT&T won an ethics award.I know! I look at that sentence, and even though The Watchdog witnessed this with my own eyes the other day, it still unnerves me.AT&T winning an ethics award is like Jerry Jones winning an award for Best General Manager.But the glow among the beaming crew of a dozen or so AT&T employees who attended the Tuesday luncheon of the North Texas Ethics Association in Dallas didn't last long.Three hours later, the company found itself mired in the detective story of our lifetime. Dallas-based AT&T, we learned through information furnished by Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti, paid Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen $200,000 in consulting fees.Later, various news outlets upped AT&T's payment total to $600,000.  Continue reading...

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