AT&T, Ericsson Discuss 5G Evolution at Europe's Big Tech Show

AT&T Inc. is accelerating the roll out of its 5G wireless networks, amid an effort to drive sales and subscriber growth by cross-selling bundles that include a combination of wireless and video services."Video now makes up more than half of our mobile data traffic," AT&T Chief Technology Officer Andre Fuetsch wrote in a blog post Monday. In the last year, video traffic grew over 75 percent and smartphones drove almost 75 percent of the Dallas-based company's data traffic. "Data traffic on our mobile network has increased more than 250,000 percent since 2007," Fuetsch said. "We'll stay ahead of this demand with a combination of speed, software and data."AT&T and Fuetsch are attending the annual Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona this week to share some of these developments with the wider community.  Continue reading...

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