AT&T Boss Randall Stephenson: ‘Too Much of Our Success and Failure Is Dependent' on D.C. Decision-makers

WASHINGTON — AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson on Wednesday said the "most frustrating part of what I do" is spending "way too much time" in the nation's capital.And it's more than just the opportunity cost of not being able to devote that time toward "putting together new products," "hiring great executives and great people," "taking care of employees" and "getting stuff out to market," he said."Too much of our success and failure is dependent upon what the people in this town decide to do on a day-to-day basis," he said at luncheon hosted by the Economic Club of Washington.No doubt top of mind for Stephenson was the arduous two-year process that his Dallas-based company recently undertook to complete an $85 billion megamerger with Time Warner.AT&T just last month got the all clear on the massive acquisition after a federal appeals court ruled that the Justice Department was "unpersuasive" in its arguments to overturn the decision made in June by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon to OK the deal.The joining is critical to the company's future, pairing the telecom giant's massive distribution network with iconic media brands like HBO, Warner Bros. and Turner.  Continue reading...

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