Atmos Has Two Holes to Dig Out of After Latest Revelations About Deadly Dallas Blast

After a deadly house explosion in northwest Dallas, Atmos Energy is facing two substantial repair jobs: Not only must it replace problematic pipes carrying natural gas but it must improve communication lines with all its consumers.Twelve-year-old Linda "Michellita" Rogers died Feb. 23 when her home was blown off its foundation. Since that tragedy, we've asked many questions of Atmos officials — on behalf of North Texas residents — regarding the safety of natural gas service.Assurances from Atmos lean heavily on the several billion dollars it has invested in infrastructure since 2005 and its plans to spend more. Company executives also point to the safety regulations under which they operate and the training of field personnel.Yet it's understandable if residents don't feel completely at ease, especially given Dallas Morning News investigative reporting that exposed new concerns.  Continue reading...

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