At Tomi Lahren Hearing, Judge Orders The Blaze to Search Emails

A Dallas County judge on Monday ordered Glenn Beck and his conservative media company The Blaze to produce emails between them and a reporter for The Daily Caller related to the controversial pundit Tomi Lahren. The order comes a week after Civil District Judge Martin Hoffman ordered both sides to not disparage each other. Two days later, The Daily Caller, a right-wing news website, published a story slamming Lahren as a dishonest attention-seeker who was rude to her staff, citing anonymous sources. Lahren, 24, is suing Beck and The Blaze, based in Irving, to free her from her work contract. Lahren says her bosses cancelled her show, Tomi, after she said she supported abortion rights and believed it was hypocritical to support both small government and restrictions on abortion. The Blaze has said in court filings that Lahren was in trouble at work long before she made those comments.   Continue reading...

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