At Long Last, Dallas Has a Plan to Restore to Glory Frank Lloyd Wright's Decaying Kalita Humphreys Theater

At last, Dallas City Hall has a plan to restore the lone theater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an acre-sized, 60-year-old historic landmark in Turtle Creek oft described as moldering, decaying, forgotten. And that plan, arrived at after much teeth-gnashing and soul-searching among all involved, is that someone should be hired to come up with a plan.This may sound like nothing special, just more of the same from Your City Hall, the place that famously talks about talking about doing something about that thing it never does anything about. But this development for the Kalita Humphreys Theater is a big deal. Progress, I dare say.Just getting here, to this starting point, was no easy thing. As late as Wednesday morning, a slim chance remained that the Dallas City Council might, after many months of arguing and negotiating, hit pause one more time and let the theater drift further into disrepair, with no captain at the helm and no path forward. Only some last-hour deal-making pushed forward this plan to plan to restore the Kalita, a gift the Dallas Theater Center turned over to the people of Dallas in 1974.  Continue reading...

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